• Open related virtual instrument (REAPER)

    If you are like me, you have your MIDI tracks separated from your Kontakt instruments. This way you don't waste Konkakt instances.

    This script searches recursively for all instruments reachable through the sends of the current selected track and opens all of them.

    								DEBUG = false ROUTE_CATEGORY = { Receive = -1, Send = 0, HardwareOutput = 1 } ROUTE_PARAM_NAME = {     Mute = "B_MUTE",     Phase = "B_PHASE",     Mono = "B_MONO",     Volume = "D_VOL",     Pan = "D_PAN",     PanLaw = "D_PANLAW",     SendMode = "I_SENDMODE",     AutoMode = "I_AUTOMODE",     SourceChannel = "I_SRCCHAN",     DestChannel = "I_DSTCHAN",     MidiFlags = "I_MIDIFLAGS",     SourceTrack = "P_SRCTRACK",     DestTrack = "P_DESTTRACK",     Envelope = "P_ENV", } TRACKFX_SHOW = { HideChain = 0, ShowChain = 1, HideFloating = 2, ShowFloating = 3 } function debug(msg)     if (DEBUG) then         reaper.ShowConsoleMsg(msg .. "\n")     end end local function open_instrument(track, instrumentIndex)     reaper.TrackFX_Show(track, instrumentIndex, TRACKFX_SHOW.ShowFloating) end local function search_instruments(track)     local trackIndex = reaper.CSurf_TrackToID(track, false)     local _, trackName = reaper.GetTrackName(track)     local trackDesc = trackIndex .. ". " .. trackName     debug("Searching track " .. trackDesc)     local instrumentIndex = reaper.TrackFX_GetInstrument(track)     if instrumentIndex ~= -1 then         debug("Track " .. trackDesc .. " has instrument!")         return { { Track = track, InstrumentIndex = instrumentIndex } }     else         debug("Track " .. trackDesc .. " has no instrument")     end     local trackSends = reaper.GetTrackNumSends(track, ROUTE_CATEGORY.Send)     local midiSendFound = false     local dependantInstruments = {}     for sendIndex = 0, trackSends - 1, 1 do         local midiFlags = reaper.GetTrackSendInfo_Value(track, ROUTE_CATEGORY.Send, sendIndex, ROUTE_PARAM_NAME.MidiFlags)         if midiFlags then             midiSendFound = true             local target = reaper.GetTrackSendInfo_Value(track, ROUTE_CATEGORY.Send, sendIndex, ROUTE_PARAM_NAME.DestTrack)             local dependantInstrumentsOfSend = search_instruments(target)             for _, instrument in pairs(dependantInstrumentsOfSend) do                 table.insert(dependantInstruments, instrument)             end         end     end     if not midiSendFound then         debug("Track " .. trackDesc .. " does not have MIDI sends")     end     return dependantInstruments end local selectedTrack = reaper.GetSelectedTrack(0, 0) local instruments = search_instruments(selectedTrack) for _, instrument in pairs(instruments) do     open_instrument(instrument.Track, instrument.InstrumentIndex) end


  • Recording studio diary #2

    Studying Reaper. Seems amazing, I might perfectly switch to it after +20 years with Cakewalk. I'm very seduced by the ridiculous amount of available customization.


  • Recording studio diary

    Just a quick note on the studio: I've been busy setting up the wires so that the room is not a complete mess.

    I've purchased a couple of SIGNUM to tidy up my wires and powerstrips.

    I've also did a couple of tests with the microphone and the flute. The mic is EXTREMELY sensitive, I can see the slightest sound in the VU meter, between -40dB and -60dB. I assume that this is normal and that by using gates, expanders or other filters in the DAW I will be able to clean up the signal.


  • My new home recording studio is ready

    This Monday I received the last item of my new home recording studio! I can't wait to start playing with it!



    Audio gear

    Acoustic instruments


  • Installing Jekyll in Windows

    The best least failure-prone way I've found is by using RubyInstaller builds. Go to http://rubyinstaller.org/downloads/ to get the latest Ruby+Devkit (be careful to choose well your architecture).

    								gem install jekyll bundler

    If you have to create a new Jekyll app:

    								jekyll new appdir cd appdir


    								bundle install bundle exec jekyll serve

    2020-04-24: Removed update of Gemfile to add wdm, jekyll new adds that already.