• Music works

    Since I've started using Sibelius+Noteperformer, I've been working on rearranging and making decent score editions of my past works, before moving on and composing new things. It's still work in progress but I've made some advances.

    I've created a new page with the complete list of my works. Right new all the music work pages are a bit empty, except for the first one I added: the Waltz Miniature, Op.1. Please check the piece out!


  • Purchased NotePerformer

    I've purchased NotePerformer 3, which is a playback engine for notation software (Sibelius, Finale and Dorico). I think it's an absolutely extraordinary product.

    I can forget about sample libraries, controllers, keyswitches, and simply write notes in a staff. It still doesn't reach the quality of a handcrafted arrangement with a DAW, but there's no reason to think it cannot get there at some point. It is my belief that automating as much as possible all the nitty-gritty details of virtual instrument arrangement is the way to go.

    And the price tag is awesome as well!


  • Desktop arrived!

    After lots of delays, I've finally received desktop (a Glorious Sound Desk Pro). I have also reorganized my studio a bit by setting the desktop against the wall instead of against the window. This is a much better placement.


  • Purchased new Desktop

    I've ordered a new desktop, a beautiful Glorious Sound Desk Pro in black.


  • Purchased SSD and Novation Impulse 61

    Two new additions for my home studio: a much needed 1TB SDD, specifically a Crucial BX500, and a pretty decent 61 key MIDI controller, a Novation Impulse 61. The Korg M50 is still there but I have lent it to my son for his piano practices.