• Listing environment variables with Powershell

    A pretty basic Powershell command that everyone uses to list environment variables is:

    								ls env:


  • Generating thumbnails for a music score

    At the beginning of this year I started to prepare my new showcase of musical works. After some iterations I thought it would be a great idea to create backgrounds for each work, based on its score sheet. But, being a developer (that's synonym for lazy), I didn't want to prepare those thumbnails manually. So I wondered if there was some way to take a PDF file, cut an specific part of the first page, and apply a number of transformations to get a beautiful background that didn't contrast a lot with the text and elements that I would place on top of that.


  • Quintet movement, Op. 31, updated

    I've made a number of updates to Quintet movement, Op. 31. Mainly bowings, alterations, and other notation issues. Some reworking of the "tango" solos.


  • Added comments in music works

    I've added a comments section in all the pages of my music works. So you can head e.g. to Waltz Miniature, Op. 1 and drop a comment if you want!


  • MIDI Recorder

    I've just released a command line utility to record MIDI activity and save it into files. The files are split by some delay without MIDI activity. You can have this tool running in the background and it will quietly save all those improvisations that are usually lost and that you cannot remember well afterwards!

    Please go to MIDI Recorder site for more information and downloads.


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