Composition date: 2018-07

This is an arrangement for voice and piano of the 4 songs that featured in the incidental music I composed for Lorca's play "Bodas de Sangre".

In addition to that, it features a new fifth song, "La oscura raíz del grito" ("The dark root of the scream"), with the latest verses of the play.

This piece was a Christmas gift for my stepmother, Maristela Gruber. The downside is that it was 2015 when I gifted it to her, meaning that it took me 3 years to finish the job! Bad performance, no question... but here it is, at last!


  • Mezzosoprano
  • Piano


0. Overture and brawl

This is a small instrumental section introducing the driving theme and then a song based on "Reyerta" (Brawl), the third poem of "Romancero gitano", one of Lorca's most recognized works.


1. Lullaby of the Horse

This lullaby is sung by the Maid. This is the character that senses the tragic events that are to come, so all her songs contain several elements that anticipate the tragic events to come.


2. 'Despierte la novia' (Let the bride wake up)

This song goes along the wedding of the Bride. It's mostly happy but it has a darker ending because the latest verse mentions the moon, which is a symbol of death.


3. 'Agua de molino' (Water of the mill)

This is a happy song, sung by the Maid, that celebrates the recent union of the Bride and the Groom.


4. 'La oscura raíz del grito' (Dark root of the scream)

This song is based on the closing verses of the play, which are recited by the Mother and the Bride of the (now deceased) Groom.