Composition date: 1998-07-28

This is a short piece for woodwind piano quartet. "Dulce" is Spanish for "sweet", and this is indeed a soft and peaceful symmetrical set of variations that only gets disturbed by a mild minor-key agitation in the middle.

The date of composition is July 1998, but this piece was actually composed earlier (I guess it was around 1994) with an ancient software called Adlib Visual Composer. I remember working on this piece with a sequencer which name I cannot recall (probably it was able to cope with Visual Composer format). It worked with some kind of soundfonts, instead of FM synthesis. Shortly after I moved to Cakewalk (probably on 1994-1995).

In 1998 I reworked the composition, and it is this last revision that was edited.


  • circa 1994: First composition
  • 1998: Reworked instrumentation and minor changes
  • 2021: Score edition


  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • B♭ Clarinet
  • Piano