Composition date:May 1997

Incidental music for Bodas de Sangre, a play by Barbara Otto Schneider for the theatrical group (Grupo Pentagrama) of Ramiro de Maeztu Secondary School.

This music won an award for the Best Original Score at the “IV Certamen de Teatro Escolar” (4th School Theatre Competition), organized by the Community of Madrid. The awards ceremony happened at January 28th 1998.


  • Full orchestra and contralto


1. Overture and brawl

This is a small instrumental section introducing the driving theme and then a song based on "Reyerta" (Brawl), the third poem of "Romancero gitano", one of Lorca's most recognized works.


2. Lullaby of the Horse

This lullaby is sung by the Maid. This is the character that senses the tragic events that are to come, so all her songs contain several elements that anticipate the tragic events to come.


3. 'Despierte la novia' (Let the bride wake up)

This song goes along the wedding of the (unnamed) bride.


4. 'Agua de molino' (Water of the mill)

This is a suppossedly happy song, but it is sung by the Maid, so it has also bits of ironic tragedy.


5. Dance of the knives